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How are Hospitals Contributing to Global Warming?

From industrial emissions to vehicle smoke- there are a number of factors that could be contributing to global warming, and now, the findings of a new study have revealed how the anesthetic gases used in operating rooms at hospitals too, could be listed down.

The researchers have found that the levels of gases desflurane, isoflurance and sevoflurane, which are used in surgeries, have risen in the last few years.

While the overall amounts of these gases are low as compared to other greenhouse gases, the concerning factor is that these gases are much more potent in creating the greenhouse effect and warming the temperature.

The researchers also found that just 1 kg of one of these anesthetic gases could be equivalent to 2500 kg of carbon dioxide in terms of greenhouse warming potential.

New Source Of Greenhouse Gases Identified - And It's Hospital Operating Theaters

New Source Of Greenhouse Gases Identified – And It’s Hospital Operating Theaters

“On a kilogram-per-kilogram basis, it’s so much more potent,” they explained.

In general, when people think about global warming and greenhouse gases, hospitals do not come to mind, and these new findings may actually seem surprising for many.

“Health care in and of itself in the U.S. is one of the worst polluting industries,” they say. “It generates 8 percent of U.S. greenhouse gases according to one study.”

The World Health Organization has identified climate change as the most concerning health issue of the century, and steps need to be taken to deal with it better.

For the study, the researchers collected data regarding the concentration of anesthetic gases present in the Northern Hemisphere and using the most recent measurement, they found increasing levels of these gases in the atmosphere.

Hopefully these new findings may pave the way for further studies and developments into hunting anesthetic gases that could be environment friendly and possibly having low greenhouse warming potential.

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