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Reviews Reveal The New MacBook The Future Of Laptops, But With A Catch

Reviews agree that the new MacBook with 12-inch Retina display is the most beautifully designed laptop available in the market today. However, reviews also underscored its limitations in the processing category.

Apple-MacBook / Flickr

Apple-MacBook / Flickr

The new 12-inch MacBook from Apple Inc may be the most beautiful laptop ever (to date), but several tech sites suggest that users looking for power should skip the first generation — and wait for the next one, probably next year?

Reviews from several trusted sites pointed out that the new 13.1 mm thick MacBook is a promising new “category” within the laptop market, but it lacks the necessary power to run many applications. They also suggest that Apple would introduce a new model next year that may include more USB-C ports and better processors for improved performance.

In case you’re wondering, the new 2-pound MacBook with 12-inch Retina display is not replacing the MacBook Air, although they have similarities. The new MacBook (without the “air” branding) is being positioned as an alternative to iPads.

This new product is also more expensive than the MacBook Air (and the iPad, of course) with base price of $1,299 with 1.1GHz dual-core processor and 256GB on-board flash storage, compared to Air’s base model with asking price of $899. Apple is also selling a higher-end 12-inch model for $1,599 which ships with 512GB flash storage and dual-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz.

According to CNET, users who can live “with its limitations” would enjoy the laptop’s groundbreaking design. Meanwhile, the Verge, known for its mostly positive reviews for Apple devices (including the Apple Watch), claims that the new MacBook is the “future” of laptops — although the review is indirectly suggesting that users should wait for the next model that would address all the limitations of the first model.

Another review worth mentioning is from Macworld, also known for its mostly-positive reviews for Apple products. The site revealed that one of the laptop’s bells and whistles is actually a “con” — the MacBook’s keyboard. The review said the butterfly mechanism on each key, which delivers reduced travel from the surface to the bottom of the key, is making “fast typing harder, and less satisfying.”

And similar to other reviews, the Macworld piece also criticized the laptop’s single USB-C port which demands carrying more adapter.

New MacBook Is The Future Of Notebook Personal Computing

Phil Schiller, the firm’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, is confident that the new MacBook is the “future of netbooks”. In a press release earlier last month, Mr. Schiller underlined the product’s build quality, thinness, and portability, instead of highlighting its capability to run applications.

Apple is also not shy to admit that the new MacBook was built using the same techniques used to make iPhones and iPads — with main focus on making everything thin, light, and appealing.

Reviews Reveal The New MacBook The Future Of Laptops, But With A Catch.


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