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Tax Day April 15, 2015 Is Right Around The Corner

Washington D.C. – The Internal Revenue Service is already swamped and behind schedule as they close in on the April 15, 2015 tax filing deadline. The IRS is behind on reviewing tax returns, sending out refunds, and just about everything else too. The amount of filed returns is bound to spike this coming week, as the normal tax deadline approaches. Despite allowing about 2 and a half months of time to file tax returns, many people wait up until the last minute to prepare and file their returns.

Tax Day April 15, 2015 Is Right Around The Corner

Tax Day April 15 Approaching

The IRS will be patiently awaiting your filed return on April 15th, despite their usual backlog of work this time of year. (Image from Wikipedia)

Some people wait until the very last day because they owe the IRS money, and they want to prolong the amount of time before they make their payment. Others might simply not know how to do their taxes themselves, and require time and assistance to complete their filings. Yet others probably just put it off until the very last moment allowed because the procrastinate in other areas of their life as well.

For those who have waited until now to file a return in which the government will owe them a refund, they can expect delays in receiving their deposits. Back in February the average refund time was only a couple of weeks, but now it could likely take more than the standard 6 weeks to see your money. It’s all fair though, because if you mail the IRS a check as payment for due taxes they will likely take longer than usual to deposit the check on their end too.

Love it or hate it, the IRS will be expecting your paperwork this week. If you wait until April 15th, you had better make sure to get your package post dated on that day to avoid charges. To do so could mean that you will be standing in line at the Post Office for much longer than usual, since Tax Day is typically a very busy day.

Tax Day April 15, 2015 Is Right Around The Corner.

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