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Almost 1 Million Apple Watches Sold During Pre-Order Sale Online

Cupertino, California – Apple is the wealthiest company in the world, and there is no mystery as to why. While they may not always remain at the top of the corporate food chain, they certainly have had a good run getting up there. Since last week when Apple launched the pre-order sale for their new Apple Watch, people flooded the site to place their orders. Now Apple estimates that around 1 million Apple Watches have been pre-sold online. That leaves only one problem, will there be enough supply up front to meet the demand?

Almost 1 Million Apple Watches Sold During Pre-Order Sale Online

Apple Pre-sells more than 1 million Apple Watches

The Apple Watch is still almost 2 weeks away from its official release, but 1 million consumers have already decided to shell out the duckets to get one. (Image from Apple.com)

Not only were online shoppers attempting to snatch up a fancy Apple Watch, there were many who were buying multiples at a time. With a price range that varies from $399 up to around $13,000 these gadgets sure aren’t cheap. After all, it’s not like the high-end ones have an extra $12,000 of gold in them to begin with. There will be no denying that this Apple Watch was well received, but only time will tell if it truly defines the wearables segment like Tim Cook had hoped.

Unlike their cousin’s the iPhone, Apple Watches are being sold at full retail prices to consumers. These are more like iPhone accessories than stand alone units, so there aren’t any national carriers offering incentives to buy them at this point. The average Apple Watch consumer is spending almost $800 on average per device, which is comparable to what an iPhone 6 Plus would cost out of pocket.

As technology advances, perhaps there could be a desirable phone packed completely into watch-like dimensions that people will actually want to buy. There have been wrist phones for what seems like ages in the Chinese market, but the devices have not sold particularly well given that there are a limited number of features available in such a small device. Apple may very well figure out a way to pull it off in the long run if the watch isn’t a flop after it gets into consumer’s hands.

Almost 1 Million Apple Watches Sold During Pre-Order Sale Online.

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