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Universe Not Expanding Rapidly As Previously Thought

The team of astronomers has indicated that the speed of the expansion of the universe is not as rapid as it used to be. The University of Arizona-led team found through the study regarding the more diversity of supernovae or exploding stars than previously thought. The results have suggestions for big cosmological questions, how fast the universe has been expanding since the Big Bang?

Universe Not Expanding Rapidly As Previously Thought.



According to the discovery Supernovae occur when stars explode and often act as magnifying glasses that allow astronomers to see objects deep in space that a telescope may otherwise not be able to spot. The researchers compared the diversity of different light bulbs that how they can vary in brightness.

Milne said, “We’re proposing that our data suggest there might be less dark energy than textbook knowledge, but we can’t put a number on it, until our paper, the two populations of supernovae were treated as the same population. To get that final answer, you need to do all that work again, separately for the red and for the blue population.

Up to now, astrophysicists thought variety 1a supernovae to be uniformly brilliant along with utilized them given that ‘cosmic signs’ to identify your cosmos. However Milne in addition to his labor force could view that range 1a supernovae will certainly be more assorted in comparison with just recently concept.

The discovery also through some light on the view based on observations that resulted in the 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics awarded to three scientists, including UA alumnus Brian P. Schmidt. According to which universe expanding at a rapid rate, pulled apart by a poorly understood force called “dark energy”. The reason behind is that type la supernovae happen to be the same brightness, eventually they all end up pretty similar, when they explode.

Universe Not Expanding Rapidly As Previously Thought.

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