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Elio Motors’ $6800 Car Is More Than Just The Future Of Commuting

Phoenix, Arizona – Say “Hello!” to the future of the automobile industry. The two-seater, 3-wheeled car is set to deliver just what you need to get to work at a budget that most workers can soon afford. With the emergence of the “livable wage” movement comes some reprieve and buying power for the lowest wage earners in the country. These hard workers are often left without reliable modes of transportation to get to and from work, due to the increasing entry point of the automotive industry. The average economy car costs well over $15,000 new at most dealerships and it is getting increasingly difficult to find examples under $20,000. Paul Elio and his emerging company Elio Motors are preparing to deliver an automobile that gives you more than the basics for a price point that comes in around $6,800.

Elio Front

The Elio is prepared to take on the critics and the masses with its low price point, and loads of practicality. (Image from Elio Motors)

Elio Motors’ $6800 Car Is More Than Just The Future Of Commuting

Even though fuel prices are starting to fall, the sole selling point of the Elio is not just its amazing claim of 84mpg on the highway. Even if gasoline dropped to $1 per gallon, the Elio would still make sense for most people. Sure it’s not a family car and it does have its inherent limitations, but the majority of drivers out there drive alone and they usually don’t want a high car payment. At $6,800 you could empower a massive segment of the US market that would otherwise spend that much on used automobiles. Having a new car with a warranty can make a lot of people feel more secure in their daily commute.

Elio Rear

Perhaps one of the more note-worthy things about the Elio is its absence of two wheels in the rear.

If you broke down the $6,800 cost of the Elio into manageable monthly payments, you could pay it off in 36 months for around $200 per month. This transportation option presents not only a logical solution, but an economical one as well. Most full-time workers should be able to afford the low payments of an Elio, and the reduced fuel costs as well. We need more vehicles like this on the market, and many of us should be eagerly anticipating its eventual release.

In the meantime, Elio Motors is working on all of the background work to source supply partnerships, cut through government regulations, and stir up an audience. It may still be another couple years before we see a production model on the streets, but the wait should be worth it. The next logical question any reasonable car guy is probably asking themselves is “When will we see a performance model?”

Elio Motors’ $6800 Car Is More Than Just The Future Of Commuting.

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