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Muscle Supplements Could Increase Testicular Cancer Risk

Testicular cancer, which is now affecting more and more men, could possibly be caused due to the use of muscle supplements as per the findings of a new study.

Muscle supplements in the form of powders or pills containing androstenedione or creatine might increase the chances of developing testicular cancer, the findings suggest. Ni Li is the lead author of the research from Yale University and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and conducted this study along with the participation of several medical experts and health institutions.

The researchers found that the risk of testicular cancer was high among men younger than 25 years old who have been taking muscle supplements, men who have been taken them for long periods of time and men who have been using several types of supplements.

What’s more, the researchers also found that the earlier the start of consumption of muscle supplements, the higher risk of testicular cancer.



Statistics have already revealed a large increase in the number of cases affected by testicular cancer.

While researchers are unable to understand the exact cause of this near doubling in the number of people affected by testicular cancer, these findings could point out to a possible major contributing factor.

The researchers interviewed almost 900 men, of which, 356 were affected by testicular germ cancer already, while the rest were healthy.

They questioned these participants about their daily habits and lifestyle, particularly their supplement consumption, and also if they smoked or consumed alcohol.

The results of the questionnaire revealed that men who took muscle supplements had a 65% higher risk of developing testicular cancer as opposed to men who were not taking these supplements.

What’s more, men who used more types of these supplements had upto 177% increased risk as opposed to those who didn’t.

The researchers will now be conducting further studies to check exactly how body building supplements could contribute to testicular cancer.


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