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Email Replies Within Two Minutes

According to researchers at Yahoo labs in California and Spain, 90 percent of email users respond to their emails within 24 hours and most of them reply in approximately two minutes. The investigative team studied the various email habits of a total of 2 million email users who sent and received 16 billion emails during a seven month period.

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They discovered that for the most part the emails that were replied within only two minutes had a word of count of between 5 and 43 words.  In general, the frequency of response as well as the word count of the email rose as the conversation or exchanges continued.

At the end, however, users ran out of energy. This was perhaps due to their eventually running out of things to say.

The Yahoo research group also noted that emails sent overnight or on a weekend received slower and shorter replies.  Those sent in the morning received both faster and considerably longer responses.

The results of what is so far the most significant study of email conversations also revealed that pre-teens and teenagers respond to email than any other group of users.  Users over the age of 51 needed an average of 47 minutes to respond to an email.

Additionally, email users who received 100 emails or more daily only answered approximately 5 percent of them. Those who received fewer than 100 on a daily basis responded to 25 percent of them on average.

Finally, their study of email users revealed that as communications between two different individuals become more alike both stylistically and linguistically. This indicates the formation of a natural empathy between the two correspondents.

The international Yahoo research team concluded that understanding the various nuances of email communications could aid software developers in reducing “the burden of email overload” by reworking their platforms to better organize emails by urgency or significance.

Email Replies Within Two Minutes

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