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Why Is Tuesday The Best Day For Job-Hunting? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why“Why is Tuesday the best day for job-hunting?” you ask?  Good question. Timely too. (Besides, it sure beats answering the question: “Why do some women try to sell themselves in Craig’s List Personal Ads instead of getting a real job?” Who knows? Maybe they’re just lazy-@ss b*tches who prey on men whose mommas never told ‘em ya never pay for what you can get for free.)


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So why is Tuesday the best day for job-hunting? Bosses don’t work on the weekends. Plus, face it; no one wants to be at work on any given Monday.  That leaves Tuesday as the first real work day to do anything important, right?

But let’s get to the experts. According to a new study of over n 270,000 job listings by the website SmartRecruiters.com, Tuesday is indeed the most popular day of the week for corporations to post employment opportunities. In fact, it is also the day when they make the most job offers.

SmartRecruiters founder and CEO Jerome Ternynck told TIME: “By Tuesday things are back to normal and they can focus on extending job offers.”


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TIME’s Martha C. White adds: “Tuesday also is the most popular day to apply for a job, which means you’ll have more competition, but it still pays to jump on a promising ad as soon as you see it, since almost 60 percent of applicants submit applications within the first week of a job being posted.”

SmartRecruiters note that nearly 60 percent of jobs are posted sometime between Monday and Wednesday. White notes: “In particular, if you’re looking for an office job or corporate position, concentrate your job search to the workweek.

Ternynck concludes “Corporate-type jobs are not as common and typically don’t have the success on weekends that they do earlier in the week. In my experience, the types of jobs being posted and applied for on the weekends are typically hourly positions and hospitality-type positions.”

Why is Tuesday the best day for job-hunting? Now you know.

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