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Walking Could be Helpful for Prostate Cancer Patients

Walking could be of good help for prostate cancer survivors- atleast that’s what a new study has to say. The treatment for prostate cancer can prove to be taxing on the patient’s health just as treatments for other cancers, but the new study has found how a simple act of walking three hours a week could make a significant difference in the quality of life of these patients.

The researchers attempted to find out exactly which types of exercises could be most helpful for prostate cancer survivors, and took data from a massive study that took into consideration the health and behavior of 51,529 men. They took information about the diets, exercise routines, smoking habits and doctors visits of these patients and asked the subjects to fill out a regular health-related quality of life questionnaire about their sexual function problems, urinary and bowel problems, erectile dysfunction, body weight, fatigue and depression.

Walking improves health outcomes for prostate cancer survivors

Walking improves health outcomes for prostate cancer survivors

They also charted the cardio-related activities carried out by the participants such as jogging, swimming, cycling, running and sports.

Finally they also recorded the time these participants spent walking each week- either around the neighborhood or back home from work etc.

Their findings revealed that men who walked at a casual pace for atleast three hours a week had a much improved quality of life as opposed to those who didn’t.

This simple activity was found to reduce depression, fatigue and body weight, but didn’t have any significant impacts on urinary, bowel and sexual function.

“This study shows that you don’t have to engage in high-impact, vigorous activities to improve your quality of life after a prostate cancer diagnosis,” the researchers explained. “Since many prostate cancer survivors might find vigorous activities hard to stick with, the good news is that simply focusing on walking more may be enough to make them feel better.”

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