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Why Is It Still Called The United Negro College Fund? – ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why is it still called the United Negro College Fund?” you ask?  Good question. (We love questions that have anything to do with being “politically correct’ and it sure beats answering questions about female hygiene. How do you answer serious intimate questions like that and still keep things ‘PG’? Seriously, what do you do use terms like “hoo-hoo”, “naughty parts” and “baby-bakers”? That’s probably why “Hannah Montana” Cyrus went nutty-slutty, ya know?)

united negro college fund

Denise Vasi attended a UNCF Dinner/Image: Zinbia

So why is it still called the United Negro College Fund anyway? Is it partially due to the fact that this bit of so-called political-incorrectness works for them?

You don’t see many rappers complaining about the word “n*gger”, do you? They just spell it incorrectly and that seemingly makes it acceptable. (Personally, yours truly feels a word only has the power we give it and if it is supposedly “bad” then no one should use it, mmmkay?)

This time, we took it to the (internet) streets to the peeps at Apolyton. (Don’t ya hate it when old white men try to use the lingo to be down and get street cred?)

To provide some background an online poster named “Al B. Sure” noted: “The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) is an American philanthropic organization that fundraises college tuition money for black students and general scholarship funds for 39 private historically black colleges and universities.” He could only say they still call it the United Negro College Fund for “historical reasons.”

To keep things in perspective poster “Slowwhand” commented: “It’s just another thing keeping the division between people alive. I don’t give a damn if the kid, or real person, is black or white. It there was a United White Folks College Fund, (black people would) go ballistic, and rightfully so.”

united negro college fund

UNCF/Image: MarkerHistory

According to fellow journalists at The New York Times, while “the slogan for the United Negro College Fund, ‘A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste,’ remains one of the most recognized in American advertising history”, the decades “have not been as kind to the organization’s name.” The name “has gradually become a source of alienation to the very people the group aims to serve. And while the fund is not prepared to drop the word ‘Negro’ from its name, it (has enacted) plans to try to shift attention away from it.”

They’re trying to “play down the full name and instead highlight the nonprofit’s initials, U.N.C.F.” Mind you, online poster “Tuberski” notes that while the word is difficult to find on the website “They still say it in their radio ads.” Maybe, like the phrase “porch monkey” in Clerks II, the United Negro College Fund heads are hoping to someday “take back” the word “negro”.  Maybe they’re too cool to be overly-PC and don’t give a cr@p.  Wouldn’t that be “Honkie”-dory?

Why is it still called the United Negro College Fund? Now you know.

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