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Health Benefits of Yogurt Could be Overrated

From improving digestive health to reducing depression, yogurt has recently gained a lot of popularity, and seems to be on the way to becoming the next big superfood. However, the findings of a new study seem to have revealed something that could be a major letdown.

The study, which is now published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, which took into consideration more than 400o people and tracked them for 3 and a half years, has found no significant link between the regular consumption of yogurt and improved physical health.

For the study, the researchers checked the consumption of yogurt and its effect on health scores to verify the claims that its consumption could reduce weight increase, lower the blood pressure and cut down the risk of cardiovascular disease.

“The regular consumption of yogurt is not linked to health-related quality of life,” the researchers say. “For future research, more specific instruments must be used which may increase the probability of finding a potential benefit of this food.”

Regular Consumption of Yogurt Does Not Improve Health

Regular Consumption of Yogurt Does Not Improve Health

“In comparison with people who did not eat yogurt, those who ate this dairy product regularly did not display any significant improvement in their score on the physical component of quality of life and although there was a slight improvement mentally, this was not statistically significant.”

Many earlier studies have revealed that the consumption of yogurt could influence health related quality of life directly or indirectly. It was also believed that due to its calcium rich content, it could help protect the bones and reduce osteomuscular illnesses, which tend to have the greatest impact on the quality of life.

“This is because the majority of studies have focused on the effect as a whole, but it would be interesting to evaluate the independent association between each type of product and global health indicators,” the researchers add.

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