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Why Do We Burp? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why do we burp?” you ask?  Good question. (Well, at least it won’t be bad at all since we already had to explain why we fart and why farts stink. Plus, it still beats answering the question: “Why do girls queef?”)

why do we burp

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So why do we burp? It’s a lot like farting. It is one of those normal bodily functions involving the release of gas that people either find embarrassing or really, really funny.

“A. N. Onymous” the online poster says: “We burp and fart and sh*t and p*ss because we are humans and we are full of sin. So all the nasty stuff that comes out of us is pure, concentrated evil. It’s a Catholic thing.”

Well, now that we’ve heard from the spiritual faction, let’s let the experts explain in more detail. Sources such as TellMeWhyFacts and KidsHealth, confirm that a burp– also known as a belch, ructus or eructation–is just gas.

When we drink or eat, we don’t just swallow liquid or food. We also swallow air. The air we breathe, if you recall from school, has gases in it like oxygen and nitrogen.

why do we burp

Why do we burp?/Image: YouTube

Those swallowed gases sometimes need to come out. That extra, unneeded gas is expelled out of the stomach through the esophagus–the “food tube” connecting the back of the throat to the stomach—out of the mouth.

We burp when we drink too many sodas or too much soda too quickly too. That extra carbon dioxide really has no reason to be in your body so you belch it out.

We also burp when we have indigestion from drinking or eating too quickly. Using a straw is yet another way we take in too much unneeded air. Regardless of how the extra air or gas got into your belly, you burp because it needs to get out.

Why do we burp? Now you know.

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