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Why Did The Peaceful Protest Of Freddie Gray’s Death Turn Violent? – ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why did the peaceful protest of Freddie Gray’s death turn violent?” you ask?  Good question. (Well, actually it’s a political question related to another question that has yet to have an official real answer but it still beats answering questions about the shower scene in Carrie, strange rashes on bathroom bits and why certain areas of your body smell. Seriously, don’t you kids have homework? Some of our readers read this column while enjoying a meal, mmmkay? So for now please just “plug it up”, show it to a doctor and shower and then don’t worry about it ‘cause God made ya that way.)

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It began with Freddie Gray being arrested/Image: Vortex

So why did the peaceful protest of Freddie Gray’s death turn violent? Honestly, yours truly is more interested in who names their kid “Freddie” instead of Frederick? But let’s review how this all started, shall we?

According to various news sources—including our very own lovely Chelsea Alves— a protest Saturday over the death of Freddie Gray, a man who died while in police custody earlier this month turned violent when an unconfirmed number of demonstrators clashed with ball fans outside of Camden Yards ballpark in Baltimore, Maryland.

The protest and thus the violence occurred despite the fact that precisely when and how Gray received the initial injury that led to his death is still currently under investigation. Some sources note that experts don’t really even yet know if the injury was sustained from resisting arrest at this point.

freddie gray

Why did it turn violent?/Image: TOO

According to Rowena Lindsay, staff writer for The Christian Science Monitor, the violence began “outside of several bars where fans were gathered before the game. Tables and trash cans were toppled, protesters yelled at patrons, a restaurant’s window was shattered with a bottle, and a woman’s purse was also stolen.”

The protesters who endangered innocent patrons by breaking the window and stealing the purse, however, were probably major causes. The lack of self control on the part of others was also a major contributing factor.

Before the police stepped in, a group of protesters had also damaged six squad cars. Officers on the scene arrested at least 12 protesters “who were deemed most responsible for inciting the violence.” Thus it is believed that in the case of this group of approximately 1000 protesters, up to 200 were potentially able to be incited to violence by a mere dozen criminal individuals.

freddie gray

Violence over Freddie gray?/Image: FotosElUniversal

Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts told the press he was “disappointed.” He added that “A small number of people (for as yet unknown reasons) felt they had to turn this into an ugly event, an ugly day.”

Why did the peaceful protest of Freddie Gray’s death turn violent? Now you know.

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