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After Apple Watch Tim Cook’s Next Big Move Might Be To Custom TV Subscriptions

Cupertino, California – Even with wildly successful Apple Watch still not yet in consumer’s hands, Tim Cook may already be making motions towards ‘The Next Big Thing.’ Being that Apple is the largest company in the business world, they are certainly aware of a brewing trend in television behavior. More and more cable subscribers are utilizing alternative devices like their phones and tablets to watch their programming, and Apple may be looking at a way to improve upon that concept, while merging it in with their Apple TV product. Currently, if you want to watch movies or TV on your phone you would need to either pay per episode or movie to download them, subscribe to a premium service like Netflix, or watch for little to no cost through your cable network’s offering. If someone could nail down consumers to pay for the channels and programs that they actually want to view, they could be looking at capitalizing big time on the public.

After Apple Watch Tim Cook’s Next Big Move Might Be To Custom TV Subscriptions

Apple TV

We may just be waiting on baited breath for the Apple Watch to hit the streets, but it looks like Apple has already moved onto bigger and better things. This could include an upcoming premium television service that merges the worlds of cable television with premium on-demand services. (Image from Apple)

It will take a lot more than just an idea and a big company to get something like this done, but Apple may just be the monster to push it through. There will be many contracts and legal battles to fight against some heavily powerful television service providers, who will likely see anything Apple offers as a threat to their services.

There is certainly a consumer-driven demand to lower the cost of televised content, while expanding the on-demand functionality of it. Currently you cannot watch live TV through services such as Netflix, and if you want to watch television series, you generally have to wait for them to become available for purchase on hard copy before Amazon or Netflix can get a hold of them either. Apple could be looking to blend the best-of-both-worlds aspects of a cable subscription with that of on-demand content downloads.

Let’s say that you wanted to subscribe to a specific television series, you would pay for your season pass to that show, and then be able to watch each episode on the day that it would normally air on TV. Instead of paying your cable provider an exorbitant fee to have a monthly subscription, you would instead just pay a reduced fee for the specific content you wanted to watch. This would benefit certain cable channels greatly, because they would likely be in a profit sharing model with someone like Apple to stream the content on their behalf.

After Apple Watch Tim Cook’s Next Big Move Might Be To Custom TV Subscriptions.

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