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Indonesia Executes 8 Drug Smugglers With Firing Squads This Week

Nusa Kambangan Island, Indonesia – Some countries take a hard stance against drug abuse and drug smuggling, but few are as ruthless and cold as Indonesia. Once convicted of a drug-related crime, most prisoners will end up paying with their lives. In order to prevent the country from so easily becoming the trade route for drugs between Asia and the rest of the world, the political leaders feel like they must remain intolerant of such crimes. This week alone Indonesia has executed 8 convicted drug smugglers, and they would not even extradite any of them back to their home countries to avoid execution. This type of stance does create a major obstacle with Indonesia’s foreign relations, but they continue to feel justified in taking such hard actions.

Indonesia Executes 8 Drug Smugglers With Firing Squads This Week

Joko Widodo

Indonesian President Joko Widodo ignored pleas from foreign nations to stay the executions of foreign drug smugglers. (Image from Wikipedia)

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has heard many pleas from foreign leaders, in attempts to stay the executions of foreigners. Even with the incentive of cash or other assistance from foreign countries, he continues to ignore attempts to save their lives.

Each of the 8 prisoners who were executed this week faced a firing squad of 12 riflemen, and died by the bullets of their well aimed shots. The method may be a couple centuries old, but it is a very cost effective and efficient method of execution. No matter what way you slice the picture, almost all of these smugglers understand the risks that they are taking when they decide to move drugs in and around the country of Indonesia.

Some countries who do not practice executions back home may see these punishments are being too harsh, meanwhile convicted murderers sit alive back home in jail cells rotting away. To others who grow up in that type of legal environment, the punishment fits the crime, and is fully justified.

Indonesia Executes 8 Drug Smugglers With Firing Squads This Week.

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