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Binge Drinking Increases Heart Attack Risk 70 Percent

According to a new study published online in the journal Epidemiology, binge drinking increases the risk of heart attack by 70 percent. An international team of researchers behind the study also reported that the risk is greater at the start of the binge drinking session. They also confirmed prior reports revealing that binge drinking can increase one’s blood pressure during the first hour of imbibing.

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They noted that the risk is higher for individuals who never drink on weekdays and then go binge drinking over the weekend. Binge drinking gin, vodka or whiskey makes the risk of heart attack higher than binge drinking wine and beer. The group also added, however, that someone who regularly drinks a small quantity of alcohol could actually fend off cardiac arrest and potentially benefit from it in other ways as well.

The investigative team at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, pointed out that depending on the amount of alcohol consumed daily, a drinker could be at risk of suffering from heart disease. They said those who drink only occasionally and then go binge drinking are also more at risk.

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Their research project incorporated the work of several studious teams from the US, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. Altogether the researchers analyzed the histories of 4,000 heart attack victims. Each subject was interviewed on the amount of alcohol consumed as well as the specific type of alcohol.

Their results revealed that the risk of actually having a heart attack is at 72 percent in the first hour of binge drinking. The risk of heart attack then begins to decrease after the third hour of binge drinking. For occasional drinkers who suddenly decide to binge drink, themost crucial period” is reported to be the first hour. The conclusion of the international research team is that “habitual moderate alcohol consumption is associated with a lower risk of heart attacks, whereas binge drinking is associated with higher cardiovascular risk.”

Binge Drinking Increases Heart Attack Risk 70 Percent

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