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Sun’s Corona Heated To 2 Million Degrees By Tiny Explosions

Our Sun is just an average star of an ordinary size and an ordinary temperature. Truth be told, there is probably nothing unique about our Sun, other than the fact that we are on a planet orbiting around it. Despite its mediocrity, there are some incredibly amazing facts about the Sun that probably ring true for most stars across the the universe. For instance, the surface of the Sun is hot, you probably already knew that, but did you know that the Corona in the Sun’s upper atmosphere is more than 350 times hotter than the surface? This gassy mystery has made some astronomers and scientists wonder why, and they may be close to finding out the answer.

Sun’s Corona Heated To 2 Million Degrees By Tiny Explosions

Sun Corona Heated By Tiny Explosions

The upper atmosphere of the Sun is more than 350 times hotter than its surface thanks to tiny nuclear explosions on its surface. (Image from Wikipedia)

It turns out that the Sun’s corona may be super-heated by tiny (in relativity to the Sun’s size) nuclear explosions that vent their heat outwards. In the middle of the Sun is an intensely hot core of plasma, which is believed to be forced into creating heat due to the immense gravitational pressures and density of molecules. As you rise to the surface of the Sun, temperatures cool off to a relatively cool 5,500 degrees Celsius on the surface. You would be kidding yourself to think of 5,500 degrees Celsius as cool, but we are talking about the Sun after all.

Move out a little further from the Sun’s surface, and you will find that the temperatures begin to rise once again. This time they reach a staggering 2,000,000 degrees Celsius by the time you reach the upper atmosphere of the Sun, known as the Corona. This heat is caused by the explosions of nuclear proportion that occur just on the surface of the Sun. Each of the tiny explosions is relatively difficult to pin point due to the Sun’s intense activity, but the measure in average energy output to 50,000,000 tons of dynamite. This puts these little blasts on par with the most powerful nuclear bomb that was ever detonated by man-kind.

Sun’s Corona Heated To 2 Million Degrees By Tiny Explosions.

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