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Consumer Mentality Sets The Stage For $15 Minimum Wage Across US

Scottsdale, Arizona – The cries for a higher minimum wage and an increased standard of living for the country’s poorest families have been heard from coast to coast. Some industries are working toward the goal of a $15 minimum hourly wage, with the hopes that this will elevate the household income of the lowest paid families in the US. With more money in the hands of the lower classes, the flood gates will theoretically open up for retailers and manufacturers alike. Unlike the most wealthy population in America, who tend to hold on to a higher percentage of their earnings, the lowest earners spend nearly 100% of every dollar that they earn. In some cases they struggle paycheck to paycheck to provide the minimum requirements for their family, and in other cases they willingly spend every hard earned dollar on consumable goods.

Consumer Mentality Sets The Stage For $15 Minimum Wage Across US

Consumer Mentality Pushing For 15 Minimum Wage

The American obsession on consumer goods has created a downward spiral of perception that more and more goods and services are required to get by. (Image from Wikipedia)

By raising the minimum wage, we would be empowering more people to step into a retail store and purchase a consumable product, whether it be fashion, food, electronics, etc. These minimum wage workers would willingly empty their pockets for the opportunity for what they feel they have been missing. Some of this is a desire to cave into corporate marketing strategies, and a more costly way of live that has evolved over the last few generations.

To be a wealthy individual in the near distant past, you had to either work for some sort of financial institution, major manufacturer, or similar. Nowadays there are some of the wealthiest people in the world making fortunes off of ideas. We have created a consumer society that has convinced ourselves that conveniences and technology are a necessary component of basic survival.

Rather than just spending our earnings on housing, clothing, and food, we tend to desire to spend our money on all kinds of goods. We have convinced ourselves that automobiles, health insurance, car insurance, life insurance, electricity, cable television, cell phone plans, internet subscriptions, and all manners of other monthly commitments are part of the minimum requirements for “just getting by.” Insurances are a joke, and their premiums and stipulations just make them as costly and unhelpful for most Americans as a gambling habit at the casino. Television, internet, and cell phones are certainly not a necessity either yet so many of us willingly step up to the plate to sign contracts for service.

We have essentially dug ourselves into a deep hole, and can hardly manage to get ourselves out of it. This cyclical nature of a consumer society has enslaved our minds and handicapped our perceptions of what it means to enjoy life. We fill our lives with meaningless commitments to products that we could easily live without, yet we feel that we have to. Because of these benchmarks the base minimum wage in the US is being attacked for being so low, but perhaps we also need to ask ourselves why we think we need more money in the first place.

Consumer Mentality Sets The Stage For $15 Minimum Wage Across US.

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