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Why Is The Word ‘Thug’ Now Politically Incorrect? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why is the word ‘thug’ now politically incorrect?” you ask? Good question. Timely too. (Besides, being “P.C.” is a pet peeve of many including yours truly. And again, it helps us avoid those personal questions about private parts.)

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Thug Life: Image: Genius

Why is the word ‘thug’ now politically incorrect? Maybe because the PC crowd is out of control? But let’s not jump the gun before we define the word in question. According to Merriam-Webster online the word means “a violent criminal”.

So why is the word ‘thug’ now politically incorrect? Why has this word been added to the list of words we are no longer allowed to use when we exercise our right to freedom of speech?

It’s partially because—as Dennis Prager contributor to the National Review put it—“a generation of Americans has been taught that there is no moral truth. There may be scientific truth and historical truth, but no moral truth.” In yet “another example of the denial of moral truths”, recently “a number of leftists — black and white — announced that it is racist to label the rioters and looters in Baltimore ‘thugs’.”

Soledad O’Brien, former CNN anchor also insists “thug” is racist. O’Brien claims: “It’s used to describe the actions of people of color, specifically people who are in the inner city.”

Despite the fact that “the black mayor of Baltimore and the (half-) black president of the USA did so, the left-wing argument is that the term ‘thug’ is never applied to whites, only to blacks.”

TheLeft claims: “The T-word is, in effect, the new N-word.”

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Define “thug”?/Image: MissInfo

Prager found examples of the word “thug” being applied to white folks but truth makes no difference to the PC Police. (Talk about police brutality and abuse of power, huh?) “Thug”, despite proof published proof otherwise and despite its actual definition, “thug” is now politically incorrect for three reasons:

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Why is “thug” now politically incorrect?/Image: 36Psy

  1. The Left doesn’t separate the world in terms of good and evil. “It divides the world between white and black, rich and poor, and powerful and weak. One therefore sides with the non-white, the poor, and the weak” regardless of reality.
  2. The Left actually “rarely fights evil (it fights those who fight evil). It fights such things as inequality, fossil fuels, and an alleged ‘rape culture’ on American campuses. But it doesn’t fight real evil (like rioters).”
  3. If but “a third of America’s blacks (ever) come to believe that their problems are largely a product of poor cultural values, they will have become conservative and the Left will have begun to lose its most important demographic group.” Those are the main reasons why the word “thug” is now politically incorrect and why “the Left now opposes calling black thugs ‘thugs’.

So much for telling it like it is. We’re simply no longer free to call a spade a spade. (Oops! There’s another column right there.)

Why is the word ‘thug’ now politically incorrect? Now you know.

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