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Toms To Donate Shoes To Kids For Every Barefoot Photo

The famous footwear company, Toms, is giving away as many as one million pair of shoes. As part of their eighth annual One Day Without Shoes charity function, Toms will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. This year, however, they are adding a new social media twist.


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This year Toms, founded by Blake Mycoskie in 2006, wants people to photograph and Instagram a single picture of their bare feet between now and May 21 with the hashtag #WITHOUTSHOES. Even with a limit of one photo per person, as this goes to press more than 31,000 participants have posted “ped” pictures. Considering that Toms has previously provided 35 million pairs of shoes since the start of the annual event, even the corporation’s most skeptical critics consider this a worthwhile cause and a significant gesture.

Mycoskie, once a contestant on the reality show The Amazing Race, reportedly came across the canvas footwear while visiting Argentina following the wrap of the show to play polo and volunteer. He found the espadrille-like shoes to be quite comfortable and set out to adapt these shoes for the US market.

Mycoskie also wanted to help people. To that end he eventually came up with the then groundbreaking –and since much copied—“one-for-one business model in which the company would give away one pair of shoes for every pair sold.


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He founded the One Day Without Shoes event in order to increase public awareness of podoconiosis by suggesting that people go without shoes for a day. Podoconiosis is a disorder that affects individuals who do not wear shoes. It causes a painful swelling of the feet and legs.

Remember, photograph your bare feet, tag on Instagram with #withoutshoes and a child in need gets free shoes via Toms. The total number of shoes donated will be announced on May 21.

Toms To Donate Shoes To Kids For Every Barefoot Photo

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