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STUDY: How Science Is Making A More Quality Chocolate Using Fats

Chocolate study at the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchotron or DESY in Germany conducted could make one of the most beloved foods in the world look even better, if not taste better. We are talking about the removing of fat bloom, the white layer occasionally found on chocolate.

According to the study, fat blooming in reality is harmless, however its causes millions of dollars in damage to the world food industry due to complaints from customers and rejections related to quality.

The lead author of the study said that despite the well-known issue over quality, little was known until now about its causes.

Chocolate / Flickr

Chocolate / Flickr

STUDY: How Science Is Making A More Quality Chocolate Using Fats.

Fat bloom results often in chocolate when cocoa butter as well as other fats seep through the chocolates surface and then crystallize. In addition, certain ingredients such as liquid filling and nougat can speed up bloom formation.

Fat bloom can form as well when liquid chocolate is cooled down through an uncontrolled manner, which in turn helps form fat bloom crystals.

However, even when chocolate is at room temperature, 25% of the lipids in chocolate are in a liquid state already. In addition, when chocolate is stored for a long period at a high temperature, fat blooming become even more apt to take place.

However, the fat bloom often times is mistaken for a sign the chocolate is spoiled or is related to factory defects. Researchers said that even though no actual deterioration in the products quality is constituted by fat bloom, the alteration visually that is associated with the fat bloom could lead to huge numbers of complaints from consumers. Because of that, fat bloom is one of the quality defects that is most important in today’s confectionary industry.

However, researcher were able to find out how as well as why fat bloom takes place in chocolate. They studied the migration of fats, treated samples with sunflower oil, and documented the results.

This study was an important one to help the researchers learn more about fat bloom and this could possibly help manufacturers of chocolate eliminate the fat bloom and thereby lower customer complaints and rejections due to quality.

STUDY: How Science Is Making A More Quality Chocolate Using Fats.


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