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Why Do People Still Use Craigslist For Dating? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. Why do people still use Craigslist for dating?” you ask? Seriously? Didn’t we already cover this under why people are stupid? (Still, it does help us avoid embarrassing questions about both the flavors and functions of assorted bodily fluids.)

Why do people still use Craigslist for dating

Why do people still use Craigslist for dating?/Image:TheDatingJudge

So why do people still use Craig’s List for dating in 2015?  Your rather reclusive writer rarely gets out of the house unless it’s work-related so it seemed best to consult someone who is not in a mostly monogamous relationship with an aging, dirty little laptop.  Molly McHugh, writer for Digital Trends, had this to say:

“Craigslist is many things to many people: To the modern Internet denizen, it’s an unsightly holdover from Web 1.0. To the open-source advocate, it’s a locked up, selfish, overflowing database of information that’s anti-innovation. And to some of us, it’s where the magic happens.” She confirms that folks are still “using it to look for love.”

With all the dating apps, websites and social networks that McHugh confirms “make it beyond easy to browse for a potential new boyfriend or girlfriend”, why use Craigslist? After all, as she notes: “It’s ugly, it’s arguably broken, and . . . there’s that whole Craigslist Killer thing. I mean, if there is a Lifetime movie about the dangers of something, as a rule of thumb you probably should avoid said thing.”

Why do people still use Craigslist for dating

Why do people still use Craigslist for dating?/Image: Tumblr

Not so, says Craigslist Conqueror, Aaron Smith. Smith found professional dating websites to be a problem in more ways than one. “The problem is that it’s too easy to see a picture and keep moving. I could craft a great bio, but so many people just take one look and keep moving.”

He confirms that sometimes you find someone you connect with, yet they live so far away nothing really goes beyond chatting. Others don’t sign into their accounts on a regular basis. Then there is the expense. He states: “At one point, I was paying hundreds of dollars a month to date.”

McHugh adds that for some “learning how to actually effectively use each site is tough. Different types of people are on different sites and it’s tough to find the type of person you want to date.” Plus for many people “it’s more than common” to not hear back from some people you do message and “even (with) those who do respond, the odds of getting them to go on a date are less than 50 percent.”

why do people still use craigslist for dating

Why do people still use Craigslist for dating?Image:TheDatingJudge

A recent study reveals that with Craigslist being only “minimally regulated” and “with no posting costs” the number of transactions that occur is much higher. Indeed the two main reasons people use Craigslist for dating are anonymity and its “price tag-free existence”.  (Besides, where else can a guy find the transsexual top of his dreams, right?)

Why do people still use Craigslist for dating? Now you know.

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