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Living in a Poor Neighborhood Could Cause Weight Gain

As per the findings of a new study, individuals who reside in a socio-economically backward neighborhood tend to have an increased risk of weight gain, which clearly points out to how individuals struggling to lose weight must take into consideration their surroundings as well.

Certain regions in the United States have been known to be affected by higher rates of obesity, and these new findings have revealed how an individual’s socioeconomic, social and physical environment could help or turn out to be a hindrance in weight loss by encouraging healthy behaviors.

For the study, the researchers took into consideration 3000 residents from Dallas County- all of them between 18-65 years of age, and asked them to complete a detailed survey.

They found that individuals who moved to a poor neighborhood had much more weight gain.

Moving to Socio Economically Poor Neighborhood Tied to Weight Gain

Moving to Socio Economically Poor Neighborhood Tied to Weight Gain

The participants were also asked 18 survey questions about their neighborhood quality such as the general environment, violence and social cohesion.

“Longitudinal studies specifically examining the relationship between neighborhood SES change and obesity as a cardiovascular risk factor are rare and have had methodologic limitations,” the lead author of the study explained.

“This study sheds important light on the impact that changes in neighborhood socioeconomic deprivation by moving can have on weight change and subsequent obesity.”

The findings of this study are now published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, and highlights the fact that living in certain environments could have an impact on the body size and health of an individual.

“Addressing neighborhood deprivation as a risk factor for obesity and obesity-related cardiovascular disease requires consideration of public policy that can address sources of deprivation,” the authors conclude.

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