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Sunscreen Not Enough to Protect Against Skin Cancer

It has been found that a single tanning session that causes sunburn has the ability to actually almost double the risk of deadly skin cancer in individuals, and very few people are taking precautions to protect them from the disease.

The findings of a new report put forth by a team of British researchers has revealed that around three quarters of adults have been sunburned last year, and shockingly, 84% of these people were actually aware about its possibility of causing skin cancer.

The researchers believe that a good portion of the common public plays the ‘ignorance is bliss’ card, and ignores the consequences of overexposure to sunlight.

Malignant melanoma is among the most deadliest forms of skin cancer affecting individuals today, and while a good portion of people realize the harmful effects of unprotected sun exposure, many people don’t realize that skin cancer in itself, can be fatal.

In addition, the researchers also stress that simply using sunscreen is not enough when it comes to protecting the skin against the sun.

Most people tend to fall trap to marketing strategies and rely only on their favorite brand of sunscreen. However, findings have revealed that malignant melanoma is actually a very serious risk for those who slap on sunscreen too, and are under the belief that they are a well protected.

Sunscreen Alone Cannot Eliminate Skin Cancer Risk, Experts Warn

Sunscreen Alone Cannot Eliminate Skin Cancer Risk, Experts Warn

The team of researchers stress on the importance of spread of awareness when it comes to boosting skin protection using clothes and accessories, and not just sunscreen.

Earlier, it was also not known how exactly the UV rays managed to affect the skin’s DNA and cause skin cancer. But now, researchers have identified the mechanism by which it all works out.

“UV light targets the very genes protecting us from its own damaging effects, showing how dangerous this cancer-causing agent is,” they explained. “Very importantly, this study provides proof that sunscreen does not offer complete protection from the damaging effects of UV light. This work highlights the importance of combining sunscreen with other strategies to protect our skin, including wearing hats and loose fitting clothing, and seeking shade when the sun is at its strongest.”

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