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Too Much Sleep Could Raise your Risk of Stroke

The findings of a new study have revealed that getting too much sleep could also increase the risk of stroke in individuals affected by high blood pressure, and possibly even triple it.

In addition, getting less than 5 hours of sleep a day was also tied to an increased risk of deadly brain hemorrhage.

Around 2 million people in the UK alone are known to suffer from high blood pressure, and for this study, the researchers analyzed around 204,000 adults suffering from this condition.

They found that the subjects who slept for more than 8 hours on a regular basis had upto 14% increased risk of stroke, which is nearly 3 times the 5 percent risk of those who sleep for 7-8 hours every night.

“We were surprised, especially with the individuals reporting insufficient sleep, because most studies . . . have shown [only] a modest increase in the chances of suffering a stroke among those with short sleep duration,” the researchers explained.

Sleeping for less than 5 hours a day consistently was linked to 11% increased risk of brain hemorrhage, the researchers added.


How much you sleep could raise your risk of stroke

How much you sleep could raise your risk of stroke

These findings are now to be presented at an American Society of Hypertension meeting at New York.

The researchers further emphasize that adults need between 6 and 9 hours of sleep daily, and oversleeping could be dangerous to health. It has been previously linked to conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

“There are monitors that measure not only sleep duration but quality,” she said. “I think studies using a more objective measurement of sleep, such as remote or recordable devices, would be helpful in truly capturing objective data because self-reporting has its limitations,” the researchers added.

Similarly, lack of sleep can also cause disturbances by causing disruptions in the body’s metabolism and raising the levels of stress hormone cortisol, which could in turn, raise blood pressure levels and increase the likelihood of stroke.

However, why sleeping for more than the recommended time could increase this risk is not clearly understood, and now, researchers will looking into finding clues about this link.

Hopefully, these findings may help encourage individuals to stick to a healthy sleep routine.

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