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Why Do Men Still Exist? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. Why do men still exist?” you ask? Good question. Timely too. (OK, it’s a bit anti-male but we have to throw the feminists a bone once in awhile. Especially since it’s the only one they’ll probably ever get! High Five! Go watch Scrubs if ya missed that one.)

why do men exist

Why do men exist?/Image: WeHearIt

So why do men still exist? Feminist and feminist-favoring biologists have also pondered why men have survived evolution since supposedly our only contribution to the continuance of the human race is bringin’ the baby batter.

Sarah Knapton, Science Editor for The Telegraph (online), has also researched this. According to her: “It makes far more sense in evolutionary terms to have an all-female asexual population which creates daughters who can reproduce rather than sons who cannot, such as the Mexican whiptail lizard.”

(Oh please! The Mexican whiptail lizard has never dated yours truly who is quite a cunning linguist . . . among other things.)

Seriously? All angry feminist nonsense aside, let’s just make like a Dragnet cop and stick with “just the facts”, mmmkay? Modern day, real objective science has once again ridden to the rescue armed with objective facts again.

why do men exist

Why do men exist?/Image: Whisper

New research proves that men still exist for a reason. (Several, in fact, if y’all ask us but let’s stick with the professionals.) According to a new study published in the journal Nature, men still exist because as Knapton learned, “sexual competition for mates keeps populations healthy, free of disease and genetically diverse.”

Lead researcher Prof Matt Gage, from the University of East Anglia School of Biological Sciences stated: “Almost all multicellular species on earth reproduce using sex, but its existence isn’t easy to explain because . . . only half of your offspring – daughters – will actually produce offspring. Why should any species waste all that effort on sons? An all-female asexual population would be a far more effective route to reproduce greater numbers of offspring.”

(Um, you’re supposed to be helping your fellow man, here professor. Come on!)

Gage continues: “Our research shows that competition among males for reproduction provides a really important benefit, because it improves the genetic health of populations.” (See?)

why do men exist

Why do men exist?/Image: IzQuotes

(Charles Darwin came up with sexual selection a long time ago, in fact.  Guess the feminists missed that.) The male competes to do the reproductive hokey-pokey and the females choose. That’s why male animals are often better adorned than females.

Gage concludes that “sexual selection is important for population health and persistence, because it helps to purge negative and maintain positive genetic variation in a population. To be good at out-competing rivals and attracting partners in the struggle to reproduce, an individual has to be good at most things, so sexual selection provides an important and effective filter to maintain and improve population genetic health.”

(Men are still here for a reason!)

Why do men still exist? Now you know.

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