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Police: Kayaker Body Found In Hudson River Murdered By Fiancee

A body pulled from the Hudson River Saturday is believed to belong to that of a missing kayaker who police say was killed by his fiancée.

A boater spotted the body floating in the water near where 46-year-old Vincent Viafore went missing on an evening kayaking trip in April with his bride-to-be, CBS New York reported.

The woman, Angelika Graswald, 35, reported him missing, stating his kayak capsized in choppy waters.

Graswald has been charged with second-degree murder after prosecutors accused her of tampering with his kayak and making incriminating statements.

New York Police say the body of the kayaker was recovered near a yacht club in Cornwall not far from West Point.

Assistant District Attorney Julie Mohl said Graswald knew she was the beneficiary in two life insurance policies that belonged to Viafore. She stood to gain $250,000 and “talked about what she could do with the money” after Viafore disappeared, Mohl said.

“She stated that she tampered with the victim’s kayak,” Mohl told Fox News in recounting the alleged confession. “She knew it would contribute to his death.”

Graswald told authorities she felt “happiness and relief” as she watched him go into the water, and that “it felt good knowing he was going to die,” Mohl said.

Viafore was not wearing a life jacket at the time and he managed to hold on to his boat for about 5 to 10 minutes. His fiancée waited for about 20 minutes before calling 911.

Graswald is held in police custody in Orange County on $3 million bail.

“Mr. Viafore has been missing for a month, so the medical examiner is going to have his dental records and have a DNA profile for him, so I would expect that a positive identification of the remains, if it is Mr. Viafore, would happen in very short order,” said Michael Archer, forensic scientist for the defense.

The autopsy results could take several days.

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