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Titan Krios Microscope Could Heal Infectious Diseases

Researchers from University of Virginia are using an underground microscope to make discoveries about many different strains of bacteria.

Underground Microscope Could Lead to Curing Infectious Diseases. /Imgur

Underground Microscope Could Lead to Curing Infectious Diseases. /Imgur

The Titan Krios microscope is buried below the Fontaine Research Park, under tons of concrete, to keep it completely stable. There are only a few microscopes like it in the world, and this one in particular cost $5 million.

After only being in operation for a little over one year, researchers announced this week they’ve used the microscope to find a possible new way to fight diseases. The microscope allowed them to find a very unusual virus, and by finding it, they’re learning how to beat it.

“What we’re able to show is how proteins and DNA can be put together,” said Edward Egelman, a professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at UVa. “In such a way in this virus that they resist the most incredible conditions that we can imagine.”

Egelman also says the new strain uses similar mechanisms to protect its DNA as anthrax.

He hopes understanding the mechanisms of the newly discovered strain can give researchers insights into how to destroy such infectious DNA.

Titan Krios for Life Sciences

Tailored for use in protein and cellular imaging.

The Titan Krios’ revolutionary cryo-based technology and stability permits a full range of semi-automated applications, including 2D electron crystallography, single particle analysis, cryo electron microscopy, and dual-axis cellular tomography of frozen hydrated cell organelles and cells. Cryo techniques preserve sample integrity by maintaining the sample in its natural condition and state. The Titan Krios’ versatility ensures that you will be able to perform today’s experiments, as well as addressing new research problems in the future. Choose from a broad variety of detector and software options to configure the Titan Krios for any of these applications.

The most powerful and flexible high-resolution electron microscope for 2D and 3D characterization of biological samples

The Titan Krios optimal thermal and mechanical stability ensures perfect optical performance. The Titan Krios enables days of unattended operation, which, when combined with the automated sample loader, results in unprecedented sample throughput.

Titan Krios Benefits for structural biology

  • Reduced time to data and reduced cost per structure enabled by automated sample loader and long unattended operation
  • Robotic loading of up to 12 frozen, hydrated samples for increased throughput
  • Reduced installation and operating requirements: environmental instrument enclosure provides optimal thermal and acoustic shielding
  • Optimized connectivity to latest hardware and software developments
  • Minimal thermal drift due to ConstantPower™ lenses

Titan Krios Microscope Could Heal Infectious Diseases.


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