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Why Do Men Love The Mom Bod? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why do men love the mom bod?” you ask? Good question. (Besides, it beats answering the question: “Why do some guys pierce their thingies?” Seriously? If you have to use the word “thingies” then you probably aren’t old enough to hear the answer, mmmkay?)

mom bod

Mom bod/Image: Whisper

Don’t know what a mom bod is? (Since it’s hard to be understood with one’s tongue firmly planted in one’s cheek let’s get to our guest for today.) The new blogger “arielligator” who recalls: “I first heard about it from my dad-bodied bros as they drooled over the latest issue of Good Housekeeping.”

“Arie” notes that the mom bod is “where a girl’s body isn’t quite obese, but it also doesn’t scream: ‘I exercise and eat right!” But why do men love the mom bod?

“Arie” adds: “The mom bod is more natural and inviting–you know, like your mother’s body. There is nothing weird about that.”

(Are ya seein’ where we’re going with this yet?) “Arie” notes additional reasons why men love the mom bod:

The mom bod isn’t intimidating: Who wants a smokin’ hot girlfriend? “Arie” says: “A hot girl will make you dress to impress, but a girl with a mom bod might actually dress you herself. I’d much rather stand next to a girl with stretch marks and cellulite. And really, who wants tight and perky breasts when you can get them deflated and puckered?”

Cuddling: “Arie” asks: “Wouldn’t you rather have a girl who’s soft and squishy like a giant marshmallow? You know, a girl who makes you feel warm and taken care of (and) takes you back to those sweet, sweet days when all you needed was to be held by your mother and suck on her t*t. I know that’s what I look for in a girlfriend.”

mom bod

Mom bod/Image: Whisper

Ethan Riley, who contributes to The Second City, agrees. He says: “Have you ever tried to lay your head on a washboard? Um, no thanks. I’ll take the Tempur-Pedic pillow that is the midsection of a woman who gave up drinking for more than nine months in a selfless endeavor to make life. My sleep number is ‘mom/.”

Food: “Arie” thinks the mom bod says: ‘you can have dessert once you finish your vegetables.’ Wait–no, that’s not right. The mom bod says: ‘You want more butter on your fried chicken? How about another beer?’”

Finally, “Arie” adds a man who dates a woman with a mom bod knows what he’s getting. He asks: “Why does she need a good body at 20 when it’s just going to fall apart at 45 anyway?”

Riley concludes that men love the mom bod “because if we (men) aren’t expected to care, why should (women)?” (Kinda makes you sad for those tight, fit, sexy gals, huh?)

Why do men love the mom bod? Now you know.

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