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Alcohol Issues Affect 33 Million

Alcohol issues about across the US. According to a new study done by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and recently published in JAMA, approximately 33 million adults in the US currently have alcohol problems. Additionally, the majority of them have no interest in getting help.


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An investigative team was able to establish the difference between “healthy” and “problem drinking” in subjects who display a minimum of two of the 11 specific symptoms such as “frequent hangovers”, the inability to limit one’s alcohol consumption and “heavy drinking that negatively influences performance in school, job, and home.” The symptoms are used to register various levels of severity.

The research group polled 36,000 adults concerning their drinking habits between 2012 and 2013. The results revealed that approximately 33 million of the respondents have issues with alcohol. Furthermore, 69 million had had problems with alcohol in the past. The remainder reportedly had no more than “mild” drinking problems.

Problem drinking is more common among single men. It is especially more common among males under the age of 30 in a low income household. Heavy drinking is reportedly more prevalent in the west and mid-west regions of the country.

The study authors note: “Most importantly, this study highlighted the urgency of educating the public and policy makers about alcohol use disorder and its treatments, de-stigmatizing the disorder, and encouraging among those who cannot reduce their alcohol consumption on their own, despite substantial harm to themselves and others, to seek treatment.”

Despite the work done for this study, there is no scientific evidence as to why the statistics regarding drinking problems is climbing. The group of researchers believes it could possibly be due in part to the fact that people with issues such as this are often in denial .  This prevents them from seeking out help.

. Dr. George Koob, director of the above-mentioned federal agency that conducted the survey concluded: “There’s a lore that there’s only Alcoholics Anonymous out there and that’s not true.” Many options are available to those who want help.

Alcohol Issues Affect 33 Million

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