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Why Are Women With Tattoos ‘Easy’? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why are women with tattoos ‘easy’?” you ask? Good question. (Well, it’s good enough to give us yet another day’s respite from some of the nastier questions.)

women with tattoos

Why are women with tattoos ‘easy’?/Image: BodyBuilding

Why are women with tattoos “easy”? Actually, this is a question based on a perception. Mind you, there is a little research proving the belief to be both popular and widespread. For example an investigative team from the Université de Bretagne-Sud in France conducted an experiment that clearly indicated that when it came to women with tattoos—especially lower back tattoos or what we sometimes call “tramp stamps”—are famously considered to be more likely to go out as well as more likely to engage in sexual intercourse on the first date.

The study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior in 2013, like the other research conducted on this subject, failed to note just why this perception exists. Is there literally decades of anecdotal evidence out there? Absolutely.

Yours truly can recall at least three different women including a former lead guitarist/singer of a now defunct band. While maintaining our Disney-like Google rating prevents us from posting most of the details, suffice it to say first dates with these tatted tootsies always involved music, multiple “O’s, gallons of fluids and in some cases leather collars, dog leashes, tongue baths, creative use of candle wax and in every case ended in the dinner-midnight snack-breakfast cycle. (On the other hand, to be honest, tattoos or not, once that first kiss went down, the word “no” was never spoken.)

women with tattoos

Why are women with tattoos ‘easy’?/Image: AcidCow

Intimate anecdotal evidence aside, there must be more to this. Surely there must be other reasons why we think women with tattoos are easy.

Matt Forney, contributor to ReturnOfKings, has a few ideas.  He believes it is because women who are “comfortable lying down half-naked in public for two hours while some fat dude with a dirty beard jams a sharp needle into her skin” has no issue with taking other “objects” into her body.

While this may seem harsh, many women—including those with which your rascally writer has rutted–have tattoos where they have to be at least scantily-clad—if not naked– in order for anyone to see. Forney’s research indicates that women with tattoos will “cheat . . . at the drop of a hat.” More importantly, he also notes that “in more traditional countries like the Philippines, only whores have (tattoos).”

woemn with tattoos

Truth in advertising or a lame attempt to be clever?/Image: RebelCircuit

Finally, women with tattoos have posted that they care nothing about what people “think”. Given that attitude, why would people not think the open-mindedness wouldn’t include a socially-casual attitude in terms of one’s personal life?

The bottom line is stereotypes are rooted in truth. (At least that’s what my black buddies tell me when the subject of “size” pops up . . .)

Why are women with tattoos ‘easy’? Now you know.

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