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Why Can’t Some People Hang Toilet Paper Correctly? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why can’t some people hang toilet paper correctly?” you ask? Do you hang the roll so the paper goes “over” or “under”? Good question. (Honestly, this one was born of a meme regarding the controversy shared on Facebook.  Tom Price said: “You should do an article about this Will!” The rest is history . . . or soon will be, at any rate.)

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The debate is over!/Image: Facebook

Apparently the controversy has been going on for many, many years. The subject even has its own entry on Wikipedia. So with that and all the other information available online why can’t some people hang toilet paper correctly?

There may be many reasons why they can’t hang it correctly. Some people have never researched it. (There are still places where people have no computers.)

Some folks know how it should be but have reasons for doing it the other way. Some have animals they cannot train properly. “Roger B.” says “under” “is for people who have cats that like to unroll the whole roll because of an imagined slight.”

Some folks believe that “under” somehow looks tidier. (Well, if you’re gonna be anal retentive about that stuff, the bathroom is the place for it.)

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Why can’t some people hang toilet paper correctly?/Image: Sodahead/Original Owner

Some people think it keeps the paper cleaner to have it go “under” rather than over despite the fact that “over”—according to various online sources—“reduces the risk of transferring germs.”

Some believe—and this has been proven by engineers—that it will unravel less during an earthquake if it is in the “under” position.

Some people just plain don’t care.

Some may simply be waiting to read the official word here in this column. So, here you are.

A little research has indeed yielded an answer. The official answer—the correct way to hand a roll of toilet paper—is “over”.

It’s not because “over” is easier. It is not because “over” looks better or looks “normal”. It’s not because engineers have determined that this way allows for less accidental tearing. It’s not because “over’ has the endorsement of Comedian, actor and talk show host Jay Leno”

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Why can’t some people hang toilet paper/Image: TOO

According to several reliable sources including the patent for perforated toilet paper from 1891, the official answer is “over”. The inventor, Seth Wheeler, said so.

So at this point, if people are still doing it the wrong way it’s because y’all have not yet shared this column with them, mmmkay?

Why can’t some people hang toilet paper correctly? Now you know.

You ask the questions. We provide the answers.

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