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Why Did People Give Up On Fighting Gay Marriage? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why did people give up on fighting gay marriage?” you ask?  Good question. Timely too. (Besides, it sure beats answering the question: “Why do they say things like ‘versatile’, ‘bear’, ‘cub’ and ‘very oral’?” Seriously? Maybe “very oral” means they talk a lot like women? We just figured out “pitcher” and “catcher”, mmmkay? )

fighting gay marriage

Why have people stopped fighting gay marriage?/Image: TheJaggedWord

Why did people give up on fighting gay marriage? The US has more important things to worry about and we have for a long time now. (Let them suffer like everyone else who is/has ever been married.)

Amber Phillips, contributor to The Washington Post online, confirms that a new Pew Research Center survey released earlier this week shows that at present “a clear and growing majority of Americans support same-sex marriage.”

So why give up on fighting gay marriage? Here’s the current list of reasons why the public presently appears more accepting of it:

Those who publically oppose it now face overwhelming odds as both political parties consider the legalization of gay marriage to be “inevitable”.  At this point in time, it would be easier for the Supreme Court to make gay marriage legal nationwide than to make it illegal now. The Supreme Court doesn’t like to p*ss off minority groups regardless of what is right, wrong or anything else.

fighting fgay marriage

Well?/Image: WInkette

People who like President Obama (who’s reportedly straight but “embraces gay marriage”) don’t want to oppose him. Those who do are currently more concerned with his “nuclear deal” with Iran.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, “a majority” of US citizens are under the impression that “gays are born that way.” (Mind you, some doctors used to be OK with smoking too. Just sayin’.)

Considering the above, it becomes a civil rights issue. In this overly-PC era no one argues anything labelled “civil rights”.

Phillips reports that the new “Pew survey found that nine in 10 Americans know someone who is gay. And . . . simply knowing someone who’s gay is a major indicator when it comes to whether people opposed to gay marriage will change their minds.” (This sheds light on our recently published story on the gay researcher who falsified a study on this issue.)

She confirms that because “of all this, social conservatives seem to have moved on to other priorities. A scan of 10  prominent social conservative groups’ websites finds only two have mentions of the same-sex marriage debate, and only one on its home page. The upcoming Supreme Court decision on Obamacare subsidies dominates the conservative base’s digital ink.”

fighting gay marriage

Why have people stopped fighting gay marriage?/Image: YouTube

She concludes that those “whose official platform is that marriage is between a man and a woman, aren’t blasting gay marriage the way they do Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal. All this may not change the minds of social conservatives. But it seems to have convinced them to at least give up the fight.”

Why did folks give up on fighting gay marriage? Now you know.

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