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Diver Defies All Odds By Befriending Giant Great White Shark

They had the odds stacked against them, but a Mexican diver and a giant great white shark became friends – and there is proof to show this.

Shark expert Mauricio Hoyos Padilla can be seen giving a high five to one of the largest known great white sharks in the entire world in a new video he released.

great white shark

Mauricio Hoyos Padilla Via Facebook

The resident of La Paz, Mexico released a new video of the animal he calls “Deep Blue” who spans more than 20-feet-long and is one of the largest great white sharks ever recorded on film. The massive great white shark was even featured on a Discovery Channel feature for “Shark Week” last August.

In the film, Padilla said it was the first time he had seen Deep Blue near Guadalupe Island and it was one of the biggest he had seen in his life, the NY Daily News reported.

When the crew encountered the large marine animal in the Pacific Ocean off Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, the shark was pregnant and had scars on its body – possibly from encounters with predators or from mating.

Yet, despite its ginormous size, it did not attack even as Padilla was lowered into the water in a ceiling-less cage. He floated near the enormous animal but was not afraid to reach up and touch his hand to her fin. Deep Blue didn’t seem to mind and circled the cage before swimming away.

Great white sharks can grow to be impressively large, averaging about 15 feet in length. The shark Padilla met is believed to be more than 20 feet long, which the biologists say makes her “the biggest white shark ever seen.”

Besides the species’ maintaining a scary reputation, this particular shark seemed to take Padilla’s tender gesture in stride – reaffirming that sharks have far more to fear about humans than vice versa.

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