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Dallas Police Employee Escapes Death By Minutes

An employee at the Dallas police headquarters may have evaded her possible death after a gunman’s bullets sprayed through the building moments after she stepped away from the front desk.

The employee had stepped away from the desk before a suspect attacked, shooting into the building, ABC affiliate WFAA-TV in Dallas reported.

dallas police

Dallas Police Department headquarters. (Wikipedia)

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said she likely would have been killed if she had been at the desk at the time of the attack.

“We barely survived the intent of this suspect,” Brown said, according to WFAA-TV. “It raises the hair on the back of your neck pretty quickly just thinking what could have happened.”

The suspect, who opened fire outside the Dallas police headquarters then engaged officers in a shootout, was gunned down shortly after by police on Saturday.

Alleged gunman James Boulware, 35, was shot by a .50 caliber police sniper rifle through the window of his armed vehicle. His van exploded around noon on Saturday after authorities detonated two C-4 pipe bombs inside, CBS reported.

In Carrollton, CBS was on the scene as federal agents raided the home of Boulware’s father on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Police Association is urging officers to be extremely attentive while they are both on and off duty. The union is asking for better security measures in light of this incident. Frederick Frazier, who represents the union, says armored vehicles are now a necessity for officers.

David Brown said that several officers were “blessed” after having come within mere inches of being shot during the multi-hour standoff with Boulware.

Part of downtown’s Lamar Street was closed into Saturday while police and ATF agents investigated the crime scene. Repairs are now underway at the Dallas Police headquarters after dozens of semi-automatic rounds shot through the building.

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