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Third Child In 4 Days Bitten By Shark At Beach

The last thing a Georgia boy expected while he was swimming in the ocean off Daytona Shores on Wednesday was to be attacked by a shark in the shallow waters.

A young boy and his brother were swimming in the ocean, waist deep in the water, when he felt something bite onto his leg.

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(Photo: Daytona Shores where the latest shark attack took place. Wikipedia)

“First of all I thought it was a great white shark that bit my leg off,” said 10-year-old Gavin Simpson.

His father, Kenneth Wood, said he heard his son yelling for help and ran to him, CBS Local News reported.

“He just started screaming, coming towards me saying I want out of the water. I thought he was joking and then I realized he was crying and screaming,” said Wood.

Gavin’s twin brother was unharmed in the incident. Luckily Gavin escaped with just minor lacerations to his leg. He was treated on the scene and wasn’t taken to the hospital, according to Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue.

The incident comes just a few days after a series of shark attacks off the coast in North Carolina in which two teenagers lost limbs within hours of each other. A 12-year-old girl lost her left arm below the elbow and suffered leg injuries, and a 16-year-old boy had his arm bitten off above the elbow. Both are recuperating from the separate incidents, according to the New York Daily News.

In 2014 Florida led the nation with a total of 28 shark attacks, Dr. George Burgess, the director of the Florida program from shark research stated. “We will be seeing more shark attacks in years ahead because there are more of us. We’re simply flooding sharks out of their own environment,” Burgess said.

There have been 11 shark attacks reported in 2015 in Florida.

Researchers note that while it may seem shark attacks are on the rise, it does not necessarily mean they’ve become more aggressive.

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