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Chocolate May Be Good For Your Heart Health

According to a new study published in the cardiology health journal Heart, chocolate may be good for your heart health. A research team from the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom discovered that consuming 3.5 ounces or less of chocolate every day was connected to a lowered risk of stroke and also heart disease.


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The Observational study focused on tracking the eating habits and health of almost 21,000 male and female participants. The chocolate eaters were separated into groups according to the quantity of chocolate they consumed from those who ate the most to those who ate less.

The results indicated that in comparison to those who did not eat chocolate, chocolate eaters had an 11 percent less chance of heart disease and a 25 percent less likelihood of “associated death”. The study indicated that the subjects who benefited most were those who ate from 16 to 100 grams daily. (Note: a regular Hershey bar contains 43 grams of chocolate.)

Lead study author Dr. Phyo Myint, MD, FRCP told the press: “There is, of course, a theoretical plausible explanation of why eating chocolate in moderation may expose some (people) to compounds – for example, flavonols – which are potentially good for risk reduction through cholesterol- and blood-pressure-lowering effects.”

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Howard LeWine, the chief medical editor of the Harvard University, however, noted on the Harvard Health Blog: “We don’t yet know enough to put eating chocolate on a par with eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.”

He examined this new research and said that although the results reveal a definite connection between heart health and cocoa, the data falls short of definitively proving cause and effect. He concluded: “It’s possible that people who like to eat chocolate do something else that offers heart protection, like eat a wide variety of healthful foods.”

Chocolate May Be Good For Your Heart Health

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