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1st Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Open In Massachusetts

Massachusetts’ premiere medical marijuana dispensary, Alternative Therapies Group in Salem, is prepped to open its doors now that it was granted a temporary waiver last Friday. The document will permit the establishment to market medical marijuana that reportedly has yet to be completely tested for the presences of contaminants such as pesticides.

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Testing personnel reported that the issue is not with their operational abilities but with state regulations. As this goes to press, the present stock of marijuana tests for lead at a higher amount than permissible in Massachusetts. State representatives stated their laboratories are not yet equipped to test marijuana for seven of 18 different restricted pesticides.

Governor Charlie Baker therefore officially gave a temporary, one-time approval to permit the facility to sell its cannabis. He stated: “Patients have waited to access marijuana for medical purposes for far too long.”

The special waiver is valid for three months. The medical marijuana dispensary can sell a maximum amount of 4.23 ounces for a 60-day supply to patients who qualify.

The waiver was requested by Alternative Therapy Group (ATG) of Salem. They were also required to pass a final inspection the state Department of Public Health.

Baker’s decision was backed by Health and Human Services Secretary Marylou Sudders who stated: “We are not lowering our standards for the testing of marijuana for medical purposes”. Under normal conditions, however, qualifying patients would be permitted to purchase as much as 10 ounces of cannabis every two months.

Massachusetts’ premiere medical marijuana dispensary will therefore open on time this summer albeit for limited sales while state officials review the present safety standards. In a statement Dr. Monica Bharel, the state’s public health commissioner, concluded: “We believe these levels provide for patient health protections while allowing the first dispensary to distribute marijuana for medical use as voted on in 2012?.

1st Medical Marijuana Dispensary To Open In Massachusetts

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