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White House Removes Restrictions On Marijuana Research

The White House has removed a long-established barrier to marijuana research. Specifically, the Obama Administration has removed the Public Health Service Review. The review, in place since 1999, forced governmental reviews of every single application for medical marijuana research.


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Marijuana was labeled a Schedule 1 drug and thus considered one of the “most dangerous” drugs along with the likes of ecstasy and heroin. Government regulators were concerned that this drug, deemed to be subject to abuse and difficult to use in a safe manner, would be studied properly and without much risk.

Studies that could have had a positive effect on specific existing conditions were previously rejected. Some studies that were green-lighted were in the past put off for literally years.

Changing attitudes towards marijuana are believed by some to be one of the reasons the White House is presently working at fast-tracking marijuana research by removing the Public Health Service review requirement for non-government funded cannabis studies. Many states have already legalized marijuana for medicinal and/or recreational use. Other sources indicate this is taking place due to multiple government agencies such as the National Institutes of Health declaring the review to be “redundant.”

At this point, many people believe that research teams have only scratched the surface in terms of all of the positive uses of cannabis from reducing the negative effects of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) to treating cancer. It is also generally believed that scientists have not been able to research the drug thoroughly or even properly determine its impact on the long term health of human beings.

Supporters of marijuana legalization and other interested parties believe that by reducing the amount of restrictions on marijuana research, some of the unanswered questions and incorrect assumptions about cannabis may be brought to light and result in both new marijuana-based medical treatments and applications.

White House Removes Restrictions On Marijuana Research

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