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Detroit Woman On Killing Her Children: ‘I Don’t Regret None Of This’

A Detroit woman pleaded guilty Monday to killing her two children and stuffing their bodies in a home freezer.

Mitchelle Blair, 36, has never challenged allegations that she killed her 13-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son, even stating she would accept the death penalty if Michigan allowed it. She faces life in prison with no chance of parole for the murders of both children.

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(Michelle Blair via Facebook)

She was arrested in March, after deputies carrying out an eviction at her Detroit apartment found the bodies of her daughter, Stoni Blair, and son, Stephen Berry, in a deep freezer, ABC News reported.

“I don’t regret none of this,” Blair told the judge Monday. “I don’t feel no remorse for the death of those demons.”

Blair said she beat and suffocated the children months apart in 2012 and 2014. She said she intended to kill Stoni, but didn’t know that attacking Stephen would kill him. It’s believed they were dead for years before the discovery.

Blair claims that Stephen and Stoni repeatedly “gang-raped” her son, who is now 8.

Blair also said she hid the bodies so she could take care of her remaining children “as long as possible.”

Mental health experts had previously deemed Blair competent to face impending charges. She was charged with murder, child abuse, and torture.

In a separate case, authorities are seeking to end Blair’s parental rights to her other two children. The state wants to end the parental rights of their fathers as well, saying the men rarely see the children and owe thousands of dollars in child support, ABC News reported.

During hearings in that case, Blair has declared her guilt to both deaths during outbursts in court. A videotape played during a hearing this month showed her surviving son telling a social worker he was whipped with a cord and his sister has been hit with a hammer.

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