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Preteen Boy Gets 8 Stitches From Isle of Palms Shark Attack

Yet another shark attack on the East Coast took place Tuesday evening at Isle of Palms County Park in South Carolina. This time, a 12-year-old Utah boy was bitten by a shark while swimming, requiring eight stitches.

“It’s surreal for him,” Kysen Weakley’s mother, Alene Weakley, told the Post and Courier on Wednesday.

Isle of Palms


Weakley said her son was swimming with his cousin for about 45 minutes around 6 p.m. when the shark attack took place. He was floating on his stomach about 10-to-15 feet out from the shore when he all of the sudden yelled to his cousin to get out of the ocean because he had been bit.

When Kysen got out of the water, there were shark teeth marks on his thigh and he was bleeding, his mother said.

IOP County Park Manager, Cynthia Wilson, said the boy and his mother asked lifeguards to help. The guards provided “minor first aid” before the Fire Department arrived, Island Packet reported.

Weakley took Kysen to the doctor afterwards, where they confirmed the bite was indeed from a shark.

No one else saw the shark in the water except for Kysen, his mother said. He told her he saw the shark’s dorsal fin as it swam away from him. She guessed by her son’s description that the shark was between six and eight inches in length

Most shark attacks are unintentional, with the animal mistaking humans for fish. There have been a large number of bites along the coast of the Carolinas in recent months which have raised concerns among the general public and shark experts alike.

In South Carolina, a vacationer at Hunting Island State Par was attacked Friday and a man swimming off Sullivan’s Island was also bitten in May.

In North Carolina a man swimming off Ocracoke Island was bitten several times — the third attack in a week along the Outer Banks.

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