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Audio, Video Footage Released Of Man Who Died In Police Custody

Tuscaloosa Police have released audio and dash camera video footage from the arrest of Anthony Ware, who was pepper sprayed and died in police custody.

Police chased 35-year-old Ware into the woods near an apartment on Friday, July 10 while attempting to arrest him. Ware had a warrant out for his arrest on a domestic violence strangulation charge. Officers caught up to Ware and during a struggle, pepper sprayed him. After officials sprayed him and were removing him from the woods, Ware became distressed and had trouble breathing, WTVM reported. Ware was pronounced dead at a Tuscaloosa area hospital.

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A man in a light-colored shirt, identified as Anthony Ware, can be seen running away from police vehicles. (Source: Tuscaloosa Police)

The YouTube video released by police starts with a 911 called reporting he had seen Ware at an apartment in the 200 block of 49th Avenue East. The caller gives a detailed description of where they saw him. The voice of the caller has been altered and parts are bleeped out to protect the identity of the caller.

The caller added Ware was armed with a .22. On Monday, Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steven Anderson said officers had not recovered a weapon at the scene.

The caller calls back several times, asking police to ask if officers had made it out to the scene yet.

The first piece of dash cam video from Unit 183 shows multiple police vehicles approaching 49th Avenue East around 9:20 p.m. As they stop, a man is seen darting to the right and out of frame and officers pursue him.

About 45 minutes later, the officers arrive on scene and a fire truck pulls in frame. Residents are seen coming out of their homes as well. For much of the video, there is no audio.

Audio kicks back in around 10:20 p.m. on the dash camera video. Multiple officers are seen walking back to their vehicles and police lights are turned off. Unit 183 leaves 49th Avenue East around 10:22 p.m. and the video ends after a few minutes.

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