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Why Do People Quit Their Jobs? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why do people quit their jobs?” you ask? Good question.  (OK, it’s a bit “current events” but it’s safer than taking on some of those particular personal questions. After all, we thought “Brown Bagging It” just meant you were taking your lunch to work or school as opposed to buying it, mmmkay?)


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As this goes to press kids are going back to school in less than a week in my neck of the woods. College kids are leaving for college. Hopefully, there will be some job opening again soon (although we won’t comment on the quality of said jobs).

Mind you, with the economy being in a questionable position and some folks predicting things will get worse, it begs the question: Why do people quit their jobs?

Sure, we know kids going back to school quit their jobs sometimes because they cannot handle working and studying (and drinking and smoking pot and having all that sex—hey, yours truly went to Penn State!) but other than that, why would people quit their jobs now?


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Our guest speaker Rich Digirolamo of Recruiter.com and occasional contributor to TIME also has some thoughts on the subject. First, however, he admits being confused about something:

“It’s always been a mystery to me why we have celebratory lunches when people leave a company — especially those who choose to take their talents and go elsewhere. Like to a competitor! I have to buy you lunch and we’re never going to see or hear from you again? Why don’t we celebrate people on their first day? Balloons! Banners! Bagels!”

(OK but why do people quit their jobs?) He believes there are basically only a couple of reasons why most folks quit their jobs regardless of the economy. He states: “When I talk to frustrated/former employees, especially newer hires, here are two reasons I hear over and over for why people moved on.”


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Those two reasons are:

  1. “I’m not doing the work I was hired to do.” (That’s like when your rockin’ writer was hired to teach Drama at a summer pre-school only to discover he was working more as a babysitter and/or PE teacher.) .
  2. “I’m not doing any of the cool new things that were discussed during the interview process.” (Promises, promises . . .)


Digirolamo elaborates: “Directions change. New leadership shows up. A hiring manager is buried in their own work and the arrival of the new employee becomes the opportunity to finally fight fires. We get it. There’s only one problem – Fires don’t get extinguished. More fuel gets added and the new employee begins their journey down the path to hell.”

He adds one more thing for employers: “If you’re gonna tell people: ‘This is a fun place to work’ . . . then live up to your word!”

Why do people quit their jobs? Now you know.

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

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