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‘Star Wars’ And ‘Star Trek’ Fans Argue Over Pluto

According to numerous sources, Pluto has become a problem.   The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) New Horizons Pluto Mission has quite unintentionally sparked what some calla heated argument” between fans of Star Trek and fans of the Star Wars franchise.


The Great Debate/Image: FogMovieReviews

It seems that these particular science fiction fans don’t want everyone to “live long and prosper”. Many of them want to “use the force” to make others see things their way . . . especially when it comes to naming the many craters on Charon the largest moon of Pluto.

This NASA exploratory mission had made the public even more curious than usual once the New Horizons investigative science team had discovered great surface details of Pluto and its moons. As previously reported here on American Live Wire and elsewhere, the New Horizons travels yielded some newsworthy photographs last June. The images were reportedly spectacular and revealed unexpected details about the surface features.

The International Astronomical Union soon officially announced details of the open categories for the public naming of the craters. Specifically they were: “Destinations and milestones of fictional space and other exploration; fictional and mythological vessels of space and other exploration; and fictional and mythological voyagers, travelers and explorers”.

The resulting response list was soon topped with science fiction books, TV shows and movie characters and locations. Names from Alien, Firefly, Doctor WhoStar Trek and Star Wars were all included.

Some craters, however, have already been named after such famous characters as Kirk, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Ripley, Spock, Sulu and Uhura. Many more names are still being debated as potential names for the newly-found craters.

NASA’s New Horizons is currently continuing on its mission to explore Pluto, its five moons and numerous other heavenly bodies in the Kuiper Belt. It will hopefully continue to transmit more significant information and images.

‘Star Wars’ And ‘Star Trek’ Fans Argue Over Pluto

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