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Why Should Everyone Care About The Ashley Madison Hack? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.Why should everyone care about the Ashley Madison hack?” Good question. (OK, it’s a little “current events” but again it beats answering some of your more unusual intimate inquiries. Seriously? We thought a “Purple Mushroom” was an item from the newest Super Mario Bros. game, mmmkay?)

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As previously reported by yours truly, an anonymous group of hackers named The Impact team recently dumped massive amounts of personal user information from the Ashley Madison cheating website all over the internet. The hackers stated they were forced to do the hack and dump Tuesday because the owners of the site AshleyMadison.com—which aids people in secretly locating “sexual hookups” outside of their marriages—refused to shut down the website. So why should everyone care about the hack?

Guest speaker Melissah Yang, associate news editor at Bustle.com says “the Ashley Madison hack matters to everyone because “(all the) accounts that you use on a daily or . . . weekly basis. Gmail, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix — these sites could give hackers a deep look into your personal life, from credit card purchases to your birth date (which often is one of the security questions for resetting passwords). If you do online banking, your bank has your Social Security number stored somewhere.”

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(Mind you, no one really gives a sh*t about your personal information with the exception of data that can be used to steal what little liquid funds you might have.)

Yang adds: “Whether or not you agree with the mission of the cheating site, the principle of secure and private Internet usage is the same. Everyone deserves protection against cyberattacks and should feel safe providing information and accessing any website or forum. That’s the stance parent company Avid Life Media took when it released a statement Tuesday, condemning the attack and the mass release. Avid Life said these were “illegitimate acts that have real consequences for innocent citizens who are simply going about their daily lives.”

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(You mean they didn’t admit the whole concept behind their website is morally reprehensible and if people don’t want or can’t be monogamous than maybe they shouldn’t get married in the first place? Big surprise there.)

Avid Life Media thinking anyone would be stupid enough to buy into their taking the high ground for reasons other than financial gain aside, the truth is The Impact Team did indeed decide to take the law into their own hands and become judge, jury and executioner.

The fact that ALM could have possibly protected their morally questionable customers by enacting at least a temporary shutdown is not the point. The point is that a hack such as this could in theory negatively impact on the lives of real people.

Yang believes we should look beyond “questions of infidelity and lifestyles these people chose to make, and instead realize that no one . . . is safe from a massive hack.”

Why should everyone care about the Ashley Madison hack? Now you know.

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