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Why Is The NFL Determined To Win Deflategate? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.Why is the NFL determined to win Deflategate?” Good question. (OK, it’s a little odd but again it beats answering those questions about some of your more personal peccadilloes. We thought “The Flying Dutchman” was some kind of football play, mmmkay?)


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By now we all know (and in some cases are tired of) Deflategate.  (If not you can catch up here.)  As it turns out, the decision as to whether or not the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will serve his four-game suspension will probably have little to do with anything Brady actually did.  Apparently, someone didn’t read the fine print in the union paperwork.

Our guest speaker, Nate Scott, contributor to USA Today’s For The Win online column, confirms this. Scott elaborates:

“It all comes down to the last collective bargaining agreement signed by the players, which gave NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell the freedom to do whatever he wants when it comes to punishments. It’s because of that CBA that Judge Richard M. Berman may side with the league, even if he thinks the punishment is . . . ridiculous.”


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Scott notes: “Judge Berman may (have to) side with the league on this because he has to, but he’s made it clear in the courtroom just how ridiculous the league is behaving.”

Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel adds that “it doesn’t matter if the league’s system is terrible, unfair, nonsensical, rooted in bias or, at its core, heavy-handed. Since it was collectively bargained with the union, league commissioner Roger Goodell can be completely wrong based on the inaccurate findings of a bad investigation and no one can do anything about it.”

This is the fault of the union. They agreed to that collective bargaining agreement. Someone didn’t earn their paycheck, huh?


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Wetzel agrees. He states: “That right there is the heart of the case. The league fought for that right in the last CBA, the right to randomly hand down whatever punishment it saw fit. The NFL fought for the right for Goodell to serve as judge, jury and execution. The league took the players union to the cleaners, and it’s their right to reap the benefits.”

Scott thinks perhaps the NFL is so determined because Goodell is angry and taking everything personally. He says “the league won the CBA, and it wants to flex. The NFL wants to set an example. Tom Brady didn’t kiss the ring, and now he must pay.”

Scott wonders if there are other motives. He wonders: Does Goodell want “to besmirch the legacy of one of its most popular players ever?”

Perhaps the NFL wants “to anger an entire region of the country?” Maybe Goodell wants “to alienate one of the most powerful owners in the league in Robert Kraft? “ Scott concludes: “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Why is the NFL determined to win Deflategate? Now you know.

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

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