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Why Can’t James Bond Be Gay? — ‘The Why’

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.Why can’t James Bond be gay?” Good question. (Hold on, this is gonna be good.)

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Why can’t James Bond be gay?/Image: TOO

Why can’t James Bond be gay? It’s a loaded question meant to score pageclicks.  People who generally support this type of casting are those who have little if anything invested in the character and only want to push a political agenda down the throats of those who do.

Our guest speaker is Chris Mandle of The Telegraph recalls: “When Daniel Craig was cast as 007 in 2005 there was an outcry over the fact he was blond. It made no sense. How could be blonde: he has black hair!”

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Why can’t James Bond be gay?/Image: WhatCulture

Well, yeah, because Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, said his character, James Bond, is white and heterosexual. He has dark hair.

(They had to have Bond drink a Heineken beer so that they could afford to keep making blond Bond movies. More importantly, they garnered acceptance of a blond Bond by regularly threatening to cast a black actor.)

Mandle notes that “with Spectre on the horizon, Craig’s fourth outing . . . people are wondering what – or rather who – will come next.  So far the debate has largely focused on whether Bond can be black or not . . . Of course he bloody can.”

Sure he “can”. He shouldn’t be but he can. (Check the numbers on Fox’s not so Fantastic Four to see how that works out.)

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Why can’t James Bond be gay?/Image: ClipArt

Mandle says the newest issue . . . is can Bond be gay? He reports that former James Bond Pierce Brosnan “admits that there was always resistance about the idea of a gay Bond. In a recent interview, he said: ‘I don’t know how it would work. I don’t think Barbara (Broccoli, the James Bond producer) would allow a gay Bond to happen in her lifetime.”

(It’s also doubtful that Brosnan would sign on to play the Bond who takes it up the “A” for “M” and the UK. He’d have to change his name to Pierc-ED. Perhaps the producer wants to stay true to what Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, wanted.)

Mandle, a gay man, admits “The public would reject a gay Bond, and in doing so would destroy a dearly beloved institution.” He concedes that “change for the sake of change, at the expense of any credibility, is something we’ve got to turn our nose up at, even if (the LGBT community is) less visible as result.”

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Why can’t James Bond be gay?/Image: ComicVine

He confesses: “I’ll be watching Bond films for years to come, even if he’s not playing on my team.”

Poster “TheDaiLlew” states: “As a gay man, the idea of an actual gay James Bond – rather than a gay ‘answer’ to James Bond – strikes me as . . . daft. Like it or not, his sexuality is a part of his character.”

He concludes: “How many elements do we have to change before . . . nothing of the original remains, but we’re still calling it Bond? If people want gay protagonists in . . . action movies, they should . . . write their own, rather than trying to weld that particular veneer onto an existing character.”

Yeah, we just can’t see the remake:

Bond (strapped spread-eagle on deathtrap): “Do you expect me to talk, Boldfinger?”

Boldfinger: “No, you big silly.  I expect you to cry.”

Why can’t James Bond be gay? Now you know.

You ask the questions.  We provide the answers.

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