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Marijuana Use Linked To Diabetes?

According to a study published in the journal Diabetologia, former and present users of marijuana are more inclined to suffer from prediabetes later in life than people who have never used the drug. Mike Bancks of the University Of Minnesota School Of Public Health and an investigative group discovered that those who smoke marijuana were 65 percent more inclined to have “poor blood sugar control in middle age.”

Cannabis use linked to prediabetes/Image: NatureWorldNews

The team of researchers, however, did not confirm a direct connection between type 2 diabetes and marijuana use. They report: “It is unclear how marijuana use could place an individual at increased risk for prediabetes yet not diabetes.” Prediabetes is a specific medical condition in which blood sugar levels are abnormally high but not quite high enough to be officially diagnosed as type 2 diabetes.

Past studies on marijuana and metabolic health have yielded conflicting results. Some research indicates marijuana use lowers the risk of diabetes. Other studies indicate that marijuana use is related to an increase in calorie consumption.

The research group completed their new study by utilizing information from the CARDIA or Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults. They analyzed the link between the presence of prediabetes, diabetes and marijuana use.

Bancks and his team report that their new findings contrast with previous research on metabolic health and marijuana use. They wrote in their report:

“In conclusion, marijuana use, by status or lifetime frequency, was not associated with incidence or presence of diabetes after adjustment for potential confounding factors. However, marijuana use was associated with the development and prevalence of prediabetes after adjustment.

“Specifically, occurrence of prediabetes in middle adulthood was significantly elevated for individuals who reported using marijuana in excess of 100 times by young adulthood. Future studies should look to objectively measure mode and quantity of marijuana use in relation to prospective metabolic health.”

Marijuana Use Linked To Diabetes?

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