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Tom Brady Supports Donald Trump For President

Yes, Tom Brady is endorsing Donald Trump. The New England Patriots star quarterback announced this yesterday mere hours before Trump was prepped to participate in the second Republican debate.


Brady and Trump/Image: MikeNabors

In fact, Brady even owns one of Trump’s trademark red “Make America Great Again” hats. It’s been displayed in his football locker since the start of the season. Trump, who has been a strong supporter of Brady’s especially during the difficult Deflategate-dominated off-season (covered elsewhere here on American Live Wire), sent it to him personally.

Super Bowl MVP Brady, whose penalizing NFL (National Football League) four-game suspension for playing with deflated footballs was just recently overturned by a judge, appeared to be happy to discuss his famous golf partner Trump.

Brady told the press: “It was a nice keepsake. It could be a — yeah, a nice piece of memorabilia he sent me.”

When questioned about Trump’s bid for the presidency, the future football hall-of-famer expressed his support for the celebrity casino and real estate magnate. He said he thought it would “be great” if Donald Trump was elected president.

Another news reporter asked Brady: “Do you think he’s got what it takes?” Could Trump really triumph? Brady responded: “I hope so. That would be great. There’d be a putting green on the White House lawn, I’m sure of that.”

According to a review of the Federal Election Commission records, Brady, who will once more lead the New England Patriots against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, has not ever previously contributed to any federal politician. Various sources concluded that Donald Trump, who took part in last night’s second Republican debate on CNN, was very happy with Brady’s obvious celebrity endorsement and word-of-mouth support. Trump later tweeted on the social network Twitter that Brady’s endorsement was “a great honor from somebody that knows how to win.”

Tom Brady Supports Donald Trump For President


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